New dimensions of online payments

„By clicking 'Pay,' you'll be redirected to our partner's payment page...”

Looks familiar? The least liked part of online shopping is typing in the required details on the payment page. Statistics show that a number of customers terminate their purchasing at this point.

What does this mean for merchants? They lose more potential customers here than with unsuccessful transactions.

Is there a better way?

New Perspectives in Online Payment

Due to new technologies, the world of online shopping went through considerable changes in the past few years. The picture of customers sitting in front of their computers and typing in credit card information at a bank payment page is no longer accurate, not even in domestic e-commerce. There is a growing demand for more conveniences from consumers.

Service providers must find solutions to allow the effortless completion of transactions even on 3.4 inch mobile screens or different tablets. And then we haven’t even mentioned QR codes, NFC, or e-wallet versions.

Advanced Payment Solutions

Online grocers, content providers, dating sites, gaming, and membership organizations... The list goes on. There are many online areas where tailor-made payment options are a must.

  • One-Click Payment
  • Recurring Payment
  • Handling of subscriptions
  • Guide price (Adjustable total)
  • Instant Credit
  • Online payment on delivery
  • Parallel payment channels

Escalion offers online payment solutions for all areas, backed by more than 10 years of experience and development.

Going Mobile!

Escalion's I2Pay platform possesses several mobile extensions:

  • Mobile-optimized payment page
  • Mobile Quick pay
  • QR Code Payment
  • M-POS solutions (Chip & PIN and NFC supported)
  • Flash & Pay (Mobile payment solution for vending machines)

Mobile payment services are rapidly developing. Escalion is currently Central Europe’s most innovative payment gateway supporting businesses and organizations that wish to capitalize on these new opportunities.

Customization without Limitations

Comfortable and effective payment solutions are a key to site visitor conversion for web retailers, mobile apps, or nearly invisible quick pay extensions.
Escalion's experts are happy to help you in selecting the optimal online payment options and page appearances.

We provide detailed documentation and professional help to aid integration.