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Online payment systems are somewhat similar to enterprise resource systems (ERP), and there are template solutions that can satisfy many needs. In order to satisfy complex business environments, however, payment systems must possess flexible parameters or added bespoke applications.

It’s only a matter of time before a successful business overextends its online payment system...

Online supermarket – It is impossible to provide an exact price on bulk items during order. An additional corrective payment must take place to handle the difference between order total and actual total.

Cash on Delivery – The customer orders with COD but requests to pay with a credit or debit card on delivery.

Online insurance – Customers want to pay periodic insurance premiums through a payment card… Automatic recurring charges must be set up.

SchoolPay – Parents using their cards to pay for students' lunches.

Financial integration – The online payment system needs an automatic journal for ERP.

Online Travel Agent (OTA) – Card authorization and cardholder information needs to be sent during travel reservations according to PCI DSS standards.

Escalion's I2Pay payment platform can be expanded with online plugins to fit the unique payment needs of its customers.

Integrating Business Logic and Targeted Solutions

Escalion’s payment platform is an exceptionally reliable software environment. Its development is conducted with quality controlled methodology. Attaching a targeted solution to a customer’s payment system requires carefully adjusted specifications. Please contact our integration experts, they are happy to assist you with choosing the right solutions and assembling the ideal system.


We provide detailed documentation and professional help to aid integration.

SchoolPay brochure (PDF, english)