• Innovation

    The newest trends in payment services owe their success to three combined factors: well-developed business concept and usability adapted to the latest technologies.

  • Going Mobile!

    There are currently 2.5 million smartphones on the Hungarian market. Mobile payment services will inevitably follow the increasing trend of online shopping.

  • Increase Conversion

    Online card payment option provides an excellent opportunity to increase one’s business. If you’d like to explore this prospect, talk to our experts to learn more.

  • Business Integration

    Payment card acceptance should not be an aim, it is an essential tool. We can offer you payment solutions tailored to your specific needs.

  • Online bank card payment, which is seemingly simple and only takes a few seconds, consists of several complicated steps. We would like to introduce these steps in a very simple fashion.
  • Online bank card payment solution with complete service package, assistance and integration. Choose a professional, comprehensive solution, choose Escalion!