Increase traffic by accepting cards online


Plan on increasing reach to your webstore?
Taking online card payment allows you to open to new markets

Have you ever played with the idea of increasing traffic to your website and income at the same time but didn't know where to start?
Making your business available for buyers far and wide is not a long term goal any more. The more currencies are accepted to pay online for your service or product, the closer you get to this purpose. (link glossary online payment).
Let's see what the advantages of online credit card payment are from the customer's aspect and how you can make it easier for potential buyers!

Benefits for the customer

The top 2 most important reasons why customers choose online bank card payment are the following:
- You can visit a market without borders
- No need to adapt limited opening hours

In addition, clients can find the desired product or service fast and easy, since much more stores from all over the world give them the opportunity to enjoy shopping online 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.

What can the merchant do to boost traffic?

All you need to do is just not miss the chance to give your consumers the opportunity to buy in your web store, regardless of the currency or time frame.
Why is this essential? Suppose we operate successfully in the local market and we are well aware of how beneficial it is to run a web store. Moreover, taking payments by card is already developed and working on the site. What's the next step? How could we get even more traffic to our business? In a situation like this, the best thing to do is create a strategy of targeting internationally and take steps forward from our locally thriving business to cross-border markets. (glossary link cross border)
In case we are able to monitor which countries most visitors are coming from, or happen to have a business plan for growth, we can focus on the audience that really worth targeting. It's important to note that one of the main issues is to prepare ourselves to handle diverse currencies.
Are customers allowed to pay in their local currency? If so, are the different currencies handled separately by the Payment Service Provider or merchants are completely determined by the changes of the current exchange rate?
A number of such factors can affect the success of our efforts to get more visitors and increase traffic to a web store.
In order to go on increasing the volume of online business by providing credit card payment option, we should consider the following first:
How to enter into new markets? How to handle numerous currencies? How to design a multilingual payment page? How to find a simple way to check sales volume?
These aspects get determined already upon choosing a payment service provider thus it is expedient to make a prescient decision at the very beginning and opt for the one which is the most eligible to gain a competitive edge with.
Global trading offers access to millions of more customers but also challenges. Generally, local banks offer an option to pay online by card also, however the service they provide does not necessarily meet all particular needs. Payment gateways like Escalion are the specialists of these kind of challenges. In most cases they are filled up with qualified and experienced personnel, taking dozens of currencies through a multilingual payment page (designed strictly for this) and last but not least, they provide advanced fraud prevention service protecting all participants of online payment.