Information in the web shop


Which payment-related information should be displayed by the merchant on the website?

If an online merchant, vendor has successfully designed, built and launched his web shop, then he can start receiving visitors and customers. In a certain instance the visitors turn into potential buyers. After becoming acquainted with and selecting the product, the key moment of payment arrives.

The attractive and well-advertised web shop is to no avail, if in the last minute the buyer does not click on the checkout button on the payment page. The merchant must earn the trust of customers. The customer must be ensured that his payment, in technical terms his transaction, will be executed securely, that neither his data nor his money is jeopardized and that in return he will receive the purchased goods and services.

What does security mean in this case?

The customer feels that his money and information is safe if he is assured that his data will not be abused by unauthorized persons. If as much — and only as much — money is deducted from his account as he authorized, and if deductions are made then — and only then — when the authorization is given but then immediately. If your customers have any questions, they can contact someone day or night; if purchased goods are not received, you have someone to turn to.

In this respect, it is advisable to inform and reassure the customer already in the web shop, so he will not interrupt the purchase due to questions related to payment and data management. The customer has to be informed that the executor of the financial transaction and the seller of the product are not the same entity.

Product information

The web shop should accurately and clearly indicate the products’ features, the prices and the method and time of delivery.

The product price should be clearly expressed in more than one currency.

Company data

The product price should be clearly expressed in more than one currency.
It is also important to indicate the contract, participation and performance terms and conditions.

Terms of Use contain in exact terms the conditions, obligations and rights applicable to the customers of the merchant. It should be clarified how and under what circumstances the customer can cancel the purchase. On the one hand, it reassures the customers that they will not be defrauded, on the other hand, it is a legal obligation.

Data management security

From the web shop the customer is redirected to Escalion’s secure payment page. Data security certifications: Escalion has "Level 1 PSP 1 for PCI-DSS" certification. This signifies compliance with the security standards expected by the largest card companies ( Visa, MasterCard, AmericanExpress, Discover, JCB) and the regular audit of our computer systems, databank and headquarters. Level 1 is the highest level of certification, i.e. the highest-level security standard.

These companies will only work with Escalion, if the result of the audit is valid and effective, and it must be repeated annually.
On the payment page the data entered by the customer is encrypted immediately and the encrypted data is segregated, so the parties only receive the data components which concern them. The merchant only knows whether the transaction was completed successfully or unsuccessfully and whether it can perform or not. The bank only knows when and which amount it can deduct from the customer’s account. The bank statement will display Escalion, as the merchant, but it can be customized on request. Based on the outcome of the transaction, the merchant delivers the product in accordance with the terms disclosed in advance.

This way, the customer knows that his personal information and funds are safe.

In case of questions connected to the transactions, the Escalion client service can be contacted 24/7.

The operator of the web shop will assist the customers in connection with the products.
It is advisable to inform the purchaser that under the law he is entitled to return the product within 8 days without any obligation and the price will be refunded. Surveys have shown that a very small percentage of customers exercise this option, however it greatly increases confidence while making purchases.